Business Cards for Metavinyl

On Monday I spent about 6 hours in Norm’s typesetting studio printing these cards for Jonathan and laying the type for my show announcements. His cards are three colors, you can see the process (sort of) from the pictures below.

This is the proof. I actually really like the whole thing in pink…

The first run, in pink, of the tube amp.

Second run, in grey, his name and cell number.

And the completed cards, last run with brown with all the store information. I also took a nice picture of the ink cans, they are all about 30 years old, and (mostly) still usable!

One thought on “Business Cards for Metavinyl

  1. the paint cans are amazing ;) the cards are great too ;) nice colors and design. good work ;)
    is your art show still up in there???

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