Solo Art Show At Metavinyl This Friday (tomorrow!)

Curiosities | New Works On Paper by Janina A. Larenas
At Metavinyl: 320 Cedar St. Santa Cruz,  January 6th to February 2nd
Opening Reception Friday January 6th from 6PM-10PM
With Music By Sam Solo, Matt Wilson, The Broads, The Dirty Dangle

Hello Friends (and strangers)!

As some of you may know I am having my first solo art show in over 10 years at Metavinyl this month. The show opening is this Friday, January 6th. I’ll be showing 15 pieces, most of them relief prints I’ve done over the past year as well as 3 drawings. There will music at the opening starting around 8PM from some wonderful friends and food and things. Also, the FU show is the same night, same time, right around the corner at the Felix Kulpa! With new works from Derek Pratt and the folks from FU and musical DJing by Ralph! Come to both if you can, it should be a wonderful time!

Follow (me) Little Isobel on Some Social Network

Hello friends and strangers!

As you may or may not know, Google recently announced that they will be removing the social functions of their really super amazing RSS reader. This comes as a huge loss to me and several of my friends who, while we recognize the use of social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, don’t necessarily pay a whole lot of attention to them or manually curate our feeds on those sites. Google Reader has been a totally different story. Where some people have hundreds of followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, many only have a handful on Reader, and none of us (that I know of) publicly advertise our Reader feed. This has allowed a good lot of us to keep track of an amazing amount of information that we wouldn’t normally have time to sift through, pulling the best of the articles in science, politics, art, music, and yes, internet memes, out of our friends’ shared feeds and then reshare them with many of you in our other social networks. Well. Not anymore. Most of us are returning to our personal blogs or tumblrs and sending it out into the other networks via robots. It will be a sad loss of a very tight and tiny community for us, and though it may not be as obvious, for anyone following us in another site since it means the loss of those other curated feeds.

While talking to friends of mine about this, the most natural move has been to go back to (or in my case,  start) a tumblr page. So, a couple of days ago I set one up, then realized that probably a lot of people didn’t even know about Reader, or the curated feeds, or maybe even what a feed is, and then it occurred to me that since I don’t really market myself ever, probably a lot of you don’t realize I have a Facebook page now, or a Twitter account, or basically anything. SO. Here it is. The breakdown of all the social media networks I send stuff out to and what you can expect to find there.

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