A Shit-Ton of Stickers

So, in March I realized that my site had been infected with malicious php code, making it so occasionally pages would be redirected spamerific sites. I am tech-smart enough to know what the problem was, but not tech-smart enough to write a code to fix it. So I copied my whole site to my hard drive and took it down. Luckily! I have two very smart friends who wrote codes to fix it for me (thank you Mykle and Orion!), but it was still a huge deal and a giant hassle. SO, several months later, I finally got it back up. HOORAY! In those months I was editioning old and new stickers for the UCSC print sale. Here are some photos of the new stickers and a couple of old ones.

Part 1

Part 2

I also printed up new stickers for The Bad Light, a local doom blues band that is fucking awesome. seriously.

These are relief printed then dusted with gold pigment. After they dry I wipe them down to remove the excess.

And here they are! All packaged up and ready to go! I did pretty well in the sale, but the folks running it couldn’t find/forgot to put out my second day’s inventory… bummer.



One thought on “A Shit-Ton of Stickers

  1. nice work :) i really love some of them and would love to make some t-shirts for myself with them:) you have done a great job. hope your sale has provided you plenty of funds for more adventures in printing :) thanks for sharing ;)

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