Business Cards for Annie and Daruma for David

This last week has been busy! I started working on Annie’s cards, each project I make more complicated than the next, but more comfortable I get the less time consuming it becomes. I can only print on Mondays and Thursdays, and these cards needed to dry between each run so there wouldn’t be any ink rejection, so they took about 2 weeks in total to make. Hiram requested the side I was going to cut off (the paper has to be the size of the largest block, so I had to print the whole eagle) so I added his name when I did the last run in black. We printed about 1300, but the first 500 had the wrong phone number (oops!). On Monday I finally get to trim them down and ship them out. HOORAY! I also started working on the Daruma for a new tea shop in town called Hidden Peak Tea House run by David Wright and co. SUPER pumped on how it turned out. I made him stickers because I had time to kill, but the image will be used on the back of the menu and check folders (we think).

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