New Stickers – How Dare You – Forest on Fire – Sailboat

Today I printed some new stickers and picked up some band stickers for How Dare you and a secret band that I have taken to calling “Forest on Fire”. I don’t know why they are secret.

It’s hard to see in these phone photos, but there is a white moon, even on the light stickers.

In order to do that I had to block the moon out with tape each time I rolled the grey (ie. for every sticker) then ink it with a TINY brayer in white.

Here is a proof of the final sticker on newsprint.

These are the Forest on Fire and How Dare You stickers. The Forest on Fire stickers were done with metallic powder. The red ones are actually super bitchin, but they don’t scan very well.

To make them I hand colored each sticker…

Then printed in white, then dusted them. Today I wiped the dust off, which is kind of gnarly. I’m going to buy myself a can of silver ink so I don’t have to deal with the powders as often.

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