Painting Island Bird II

On Saturday I spent the night at my papa’s so that I could paint tropic birds on the boat on Sunday. This is my folks’ garden. Mary has made it wild and beautiful.

The hillside between Montara and Pacifica, on the way to Alameda.

The boatyard, and the giant hole the neighbors cut into the prow for thrusters.

Being on Island Bird II out of the water was a weird experience. I felt like I was moving just from being on the boat, like how you feel on land after being at sea all day.

Transferring the outline.

Painted the white background and orange beak first (with polyurethane paint).

The second bird, on the other side of the prow.

Then we let them dry, got lunch, and my papa worked on barnacle removal. Barnacles are amazing, they literally cement their foreheads to things, and toss their arms out into the ocean to collect food. So. Cool.

Then I transferred the details.

And painted them on (they will need some touch-ups)


Hopefully all the transfer smudges will wash off….


One thought on “Painting Island Bird II

  1. i love this post. beautiful <3 i also love the garden at your papa's. great photos. awesome art on you papas boat. look like a great day <3.

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